Lead a better lifestyle, one swapp at a time


Swap your meals for healthier meals

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Why even swap my meals?

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That is why the easiest way to lead a healthy lifestyle is to watch what you eat… and every now and then, swap out those few unhealthy items in your grocery shopping bag for healthier ones.

Exercise isn’t the best way to lose weight

It is a common misconception that in order to be fit, you need to slug it out in the gym for hours on end. Simple math shows that it is way easier to lose calories by cutting it out from your diet instead. Don’t believe us? Check this video out.

Which do you think is better for weight loss?

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Okay, food is important… but why MealSwapp? 


1. Know what you put in your stomach

We track our finances, work hours.. heck, we even track how many steps we walk these days. Then, why not the food that we actually put in our stomachs?

2. Get personalised food recommendations

Don’t be content with generic, ineffective advice on google about healthy food. Just tell us what your specific health needs are and we will recommend you meals that help you get there. It’s that simple.

3. Measure progress against your health goals

To help you achieve your health goals, we set nutrition intake targets that work for you, and measure your progress against them. So the next time you unintentionally overeat, you’ll know that you are.

Strict diabetes diet keeping you off your favourite fruits?

Swap mangoes for palms & figs

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Let’s talk money… what will it cost me?


1. Rs. 0 - Absolutely free to use + no hidden fees

We believe that proper nutrition is a right, not a privilege. That is why we don’t charge our users a single paisa to use the app.

2. Same or lower price than your grocery store

But isn’t it cheaper to just walk to the closest grocery store? Nope, it is not. We pass on the price offered by the supermarkets straight to you.

3. Earn actual cash as you buy healthy food

Let’s be honest. Changing habits is hard. We know that sometimes, a little nudge can go a along way. And we decided that there’s no better motivation than cash/discounts. Don’t you agree? :)

New year resolution to get a 6-pack of abs?

Make blueberries part of your diet!


Getting paid to eat healthy... tell me how it works!

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Step 1 - Buy healthy food on the MealSwapp app

Just download the app, indicate your health goals & start buying your groceries on it.. ones that we picked out specifically for your health needs.

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Step 2 - Earn coins for as you buy healthy food

We believe in good karma. So every time you buy food on the app, refer a friend, or share a recipe, we reward you with coins… coins that you can use to win cold, hard cash. No kidding.

Step 3 - Use coins to play & win money

Insert the coins you earned to spin the slot machine and win money, every single time. Redeem your winnings on your next purchase.

Looking for an easy way to control cholesterol?

Swap your cooking oil with olive oil

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I see… any other benefits?


1. Shop ingredients for entire recipes all at once

Buy ingredients for complete recipes that fit your cooking style and cuisine, with the click of a button.

2. Wide variety of organic, healthy products

Wanna get back to the roots of Indian tradition? Check out our wide variety of fresh, pesticide-free organic foods from local farmers.

3. Groceries delivered right to your doorstep

Feeling lazy to step out of home? Don’t worry :) Get groceries delivered right to your doorstep.


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